“As a student in Katherine’s class, I know for a fact that I will never meet anyone as compassionate, loving and committed to true care for families. She always, always, works from the heart first, which encouraged me to want to do the same.”

Katherine Bramhall, CPM, LM, NHCM is a graduate of a nationally accredited midwifery school and practices home birth midwifery care out of her Vermont home office. She blends her philosophy of kindness and acceptance with her depth of knowledge and life experience to provide gentle, peaceful and safe home birth midwifery care.

With students from over 30 countries, Katherine partnered with Ibu Robin Lim and Debra Pascali-Bonaro to create and teach Eat Pray Doula, an extraordinary doula retreat workshop in Bali, Indonesia.

Journey Into Birth had its beginnings when Katherine and Erin Ryan, a midwife in Vermont taught this 5 day workshop retreat in Bali.

Katherine, being genuinely herself, became my inspiration of what I want to be when I grow up…
So I became a doula after attending her workshop.
— Eleonora (UAE)


  • Nurturing Circle / Ritual 
  • Using Rebozo during labor for comfort
  • Emotional, spiritual, and sexual aspects of childbirth and how to help release fears and open to birth on every level
  • Supporting fathers and other partners
  • Deepening your breastfeeding skills and wisdom
  • Reveling in placenta wisdom
  • Doula skills in a safe circle of support
  • Create a language for gentle birth and enhance your communication skills

Caring for Families

Sacred Newborn
Reframing treating the newborn as medical event or receptive patient to sacred individual, participating in his/her entry experience.

The Sanctity of the New Family
The practice of recognizing and remembering to see the new family as an emerging force, different than the original duo (first time parents), and optimizing care in light of this from the newborn baby's perspective.

Siblings and Transformation
Looking beyond simple stories of sibling rivalry to the transformation a person experiences as the energetic balance of the family unit shifts. 

Unexpected Outcomes and Supporting Families
Care at the time newborn and family need it: Cesarean, fetal death, birth complications, and birth defects, etc. How the provider/client relationship prenatally informs the processes for acceptance and healing postpartum in the event of an unexpected outcome.

Transformation in Birth   
Opening heart and mind to reflect on how birth offers the threshold for change—wanted or not. How the birth worker's awareness of transformation is relevant and how to engage respectfully and honestly with a client in transformation.

For Care Providers

Resources + support
Resources and support measures/options/processes for birthworkers after a difficult birth/outcome or both. Who are our people? What are our supports-inner/outer. Avoiding burn-out. How do we carry on?

Boundaries in difficult times
Role-playing, guided meditation. Offering birth workers the time and supportive environment in which to slow and consider the boundary confusion that is inevitable.