As a student in Katherine’s class, I know for a fact that I will never meet anyone as compassionate, loving and committed to true care for families. She always, always, works from the heart first, which encouraged me to want to do the same. - TA

Tuesday, August 8

  • Arrive after 4PM
  • Welcome Dinner

Wednesday August 9

  • Yoga in the Womb Tent
  • Breakfast
  • Welcome Ceremony in the Tent
  • Introducing Each Other
  • LOVE: The Missing Component in Maternity Care
  • LISTENING: The Heart and Knowing of Life
  • Herstory of Birth and Women's Support
  • Routes of Entry and Service into Birthwork
  • Lifestyle of Birth Attending: How to live your passion and keep your relationship!
  • Communicating With Clients
  • Meeting the Mom: the interview and initial appointment
  • SKILLS: Taking a history
  • Journal Assignment: Listening to Ourselves; Listening to Others

Evening Celebration
Dinner followed by sharing by the fire (weather permitting!) Movie night if it rains.

Thursday August 10:

  • Yoga in the womb ent
  • Breakfast
  • Pregnancy care: Routine care, labs, prenatal appointments, supporting the mother
  • Informed cChoice vs Informed Consent: Group work
  • Touching
  • Skills: blood pressure, temperature, pulse, UA, weight
  • Trust
  • Journal assignment: What Inspires You?

Evening Celebration
Dinner and evening event (TBD)

Friday August 11

  • Yoga in the Womb Tent
  • Breakfast
  • Transformation Through Birth
  • Labor and Comfort Measures: What does she need?
  • Unintended outcomes: your role
  • Birth and immediate postpartum: What does she need?
  • The Sacred Newborn
  • Journaling: Emerging as Birth Keepers

Evening Celebration
Dinner and evening event (TBD)

Saturday August 12

  • Yoga in the Womb Tent
  • Breakfast
  • Breastfeeding
  • Spiritual Postpartum CARE: Let's talk about it!
  • Processing the birth
  • Communicating with other providers
  • Advocacy: what language IS that, anyway?
  • Journaling: What's your birth profession? What's your passion?

Evening Celebration
Dinner and evening event (TBD)

Sunday August 13

  • Yoga in the Womb Tent
  • Breakfast
  • The Business of babies and families being born: A generational awakening
  • What are you worth?
  • Short-term vs long-term plans
  • "I'm what?"
  • The longest-term plan of
  • Closing circle